Spin dynamics

What do you think? positive, negative, things they could do better? what could other companies do to make better yoyos?

Here’s my thoughts:

The new one, the Monkey Fist looks like something I would really like a lot. It’s got the sweight and shape I like with what appears to be big, heavy rims, but not the size I personally prefer. But I throw stuff all over the place, so why not have a small V-shaped yoyo? It would be a nice addition and often-played item in my collection. But I’m basing this off specs and looks, not play.

The Smooth Move is one of those C/D type shapes, not really one of my favorites. At the same point, I don’t think YYE would carry it if they though it wasn’t something that would have good playability and enough appeal to cater to a broader audience. Preferences aside, one must realize “we can’t please everyone all the time”. This doesn’t mean a yoyo is bad, just that, in this situation, the Smooth Move wouldn’t be something I would purchase for myself. Maybe if I borrowed one for an hour or so I might change my mind! Either way, I don’t think YYE would carry it if it wasn’t a great yoyo at a price that is felt to be merited.

Personally, I can’t think of what companies should do different. I think CLYW did some outside of the box thinking with the Chief, making the extending mid-weight ring to force weight OUT but from the mid-region of the yoyo. I think the Canvas was a step backwards from the Peak, yet trying to retain as much Peak heritage as possible. I feel my Peak plays better than my Canvas, while I feel the Chief outperforms them both.

As much as I like One Drop, I see a lot of commonalities in their yoyos. This isn’t a bad thing, it’s a very signature thing they do. Yet, they continue to tweak and come up with yoyos that behave drastically different and manage to keep things super affordable. I know, $100 may not seem “super affordable”, but really, they are.

Duncan I think is onto something with the transforming Pro Z. I’d like to see Duncan take this to a metal platform and make the weight a tiny bit more, and the yoyo in general a tiny bit bigger or at least accommodate a FHZ axle and make the yoyo compatible with RTV silicone for the mod spacers. This “many yoyos in one” concept has serious potential. For $8-12, this is a freakin’ awesome noob throw and is a fun throw for anyone past the beginner stages. It also introduces people to the concepts of modifications.

At long as yoyo companies continue to make products that evolve and change to meet the needs of the current marketplace, it’s going to be a good time to be a yoyo enthusiast!

I only have the Monkey fist, and it’s a fine yoyo, but I feel it doesn’t have enough spin to satisfy my needs, or stability. Other than that, it’s great.

@ Nintendoyo, you must have some other-worldly combos my friend if the Monkey Fist doesn’t spin long enough or play stable enough! It’s been clocked at a mind-numbing 10 mins 30 secs with a konkave, and over 7 minutes with a stock bearing. Never had issues with either of those things on this end or heard anything like that. Is it doing anything out of the norm to make you feel that way?

Don’t think so, and, while I’m pretty proud of my combos, they are not that other-worldly. No, what I think is the problem for me is simply how I’m playing it like a light yoyo because of it’s size, but it’s heavy. This is kinda killing my spin, because I’m going too fast for it. It’s so hard for me to correct this, because every time I pick it up my first instinct is to go fast.
I do like the Monkey Fist, I bought it straight from you at NER and tried one of yours beforehand.

Oh, and I know about your 10 and a half minutes long sleeper, cause I was there at RI States! :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah okay, gotchya. I just wanted to make sure everything was working right with it for you. I test everything extensively before it leaves my hands, so if there was something amiss, I wanted to correct it for you right away. I’m very glad you like it! It is a bit different in the way it feels, and I completely understand what you’re saying. It’s a feel that takes some getting used to because of the weight to size ratio, but once you’ve got the feel, it plays like a dream. You’ll be able to get faster and faster with it the more you play with it, and it gives you the freedom to create with it because of the rim weight/spin time. Hope you continue to enjoy it, I apologize but I don’t remember your name from NER or RI. I remember someone trying my yo-yo out at NER and I have a visual, but can’t put a name to the face. Also, I pre-cleaned the bearing in the Monkey Fist, but if you have a spare konkave bearing around, it will provide more stability until you get used to the feel. Take care and thanks for supporting Spin Dynamics!


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It was great meeting you, Nick, and I hope to see you at A2Z soon!