Spin Dynamics Fan Club!

I absolutely love this company. Why?

  1. Nick was so nice to me when i bought a smooth move.

  2. All the yoyos are amaxing, all are shapes im looking ot get

  3. Snow Drift = beautiful. They have amazing color ways, including my favorite matte grindable colorways, and NICKEL PLATE!
    Jewelry worthy yoyos.

  4. Helicoil insert= unstrippable yoyos.

  5. I love the caps on the smooth move and each little perk of the yoyos. The twine thing on the monkey fist is really cool!

  6. DEAD SMOOTH! Such high quality yoyos. B grades are b grade for the TINNYEST things.

  7. Each of the yoyos are amazing. The play of each yoyo is indescribable. Each is amazing in its own way.

Just a note, spin dynamics is on par with yoyofactory as my favorite company. One more amzing yoyo and im sold.

I really need to get a monkey fist and flow soon or ill go berkserk. And a t shirt.

Spin dynamics love anyone?

I need a flow. Badly. BADLY. The specs are just calling out my name. Hopefully I’ll be able to trade for one, however I’m not expecting to be able to since no one will want to part with theirs.

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Smooth Move is… SMOOOOOooooooth. :wink: Love the sidecaps, but I’m tempted to give it a huck around without the caps.

My Monkeyfist is a smooth, stable little throw. It’s in my top 12 case, with the rest of the best:

MonkeyFist by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Monkeyfistb by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

Spin Dynamics is great! I’ll be getting a Flow soon, which I am very excited about. I love how they’re local too. (Well for me at least :D)

The flow looks awesome it’s crying my name… We need a new section for Fan Clubs

SD is a GREAT company. I have owned a Smooth Move and currently own a Flow (the MF was just too heavy for me)

I love Nick’s attention to detail and his passion for building high quality yoyo’s. He is also a great guy and a close friend (so I am being a bit bias here)

He really hit the ball out of the park with the flow. It is IMEO one of the top 2-3 yoyos of 2013. I just LOVE playing it!!!

Any yes… We call him Mr. Dynamic in person too!!!

I have a Monkey Fist (Dynamic Edition)… It is one of the most marvelous undersized throws, period. Nick (A.K.A. Mr. Dynamic) is another one of the most genuine people in the community. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the “mom and pop” manufacturer we all call Spin Dynamics.

Great Company ! Top Shelf product and service. Every Yo is made with a LOT OF PRIDE !!!

Oh that Flow…


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My bro has a Monkey Fist. Smoothest probably the most stable undersized I’ve tried as well, and I’ve actually tried a fair amount of undersized throws now.