spin dynamics flow

Spin Dynamics has just made a new yo-yo called the “FLOW” it is shiny and really wide it is a great yo-yo.I myself even got to try it out it hasn’t come out yet but it will soon hope you buy it. -alex

Where did you try it?

A2Z yoyo school… Everyone has been having a go at it… Such a great throw…


a2z yo-yo school nick has let us all try it its great.

I wish I could go. It’s a little far for me. I’m up in NH.

Saving up for this going to get one when it drops

oh it is also is really good at suicides

it is very good at thumb and finger grinds. :smiley:

yoyokid8 I think there should be a NH yoyo club field trip to the next a2z dogbite :wink:

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That would be such a good idea!!

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That would be sweet! I should contact Adam about that.

Can’t wait to buy the Flow. Just got a 50$ gift certificate for yoyoexpert in a contest.

nice :smiley:

yoyomaniac 123, you shouldn’t use peoples actual names if you don’t want to get reported to a moderator.

Well we kinda already did a field trip to dog bite. The December dog bite meeting my self Brian and my son went. It was more then sweet. I would gladly take more of you guys. February is a no go for me though but I’m thinking the March Dog bite I will be there.

I’d totally be up for that!


hope to see you there soon.


it is very shiny ;D