A Lamborghini, some Cookie Dough and a Monkey Fist

A Lamborghini,

some cookie Dough,

and a Monkey Fist!

Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist Stats:
Diameter: 50.25 mm / 1.97 inches
Width: 41.85 mm / 1.64 inches
Gap Width: 4.30 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 67.7 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: P-Pads
Also Compatible W/ CBC or K-Pad
(Slim Pad Size)

Intro: Purchasing a new throw takes a considerable amount of thought, time and research. Over the last two months, I slowly narrowed down what was to become my next throw. The contenders were the Radian II, the Lotus, the Orion, and the Monkey Fist. What finally convinced me of the MF were its shape and the many good things I read about Nick Gumlaw and the Smooth Move. So would this meet my expectations? Would I like the yoyo? Is it a worthy purchase? Read on……

Part 1 – First Impressions
I decided to get the MF with the mirror finish. Usually I go with blues because that’s what I like. But all I could think of was how awesome this would look outside on a sunny day. I was not disappointed.
After a little altercation with the USPS and two additional days of waiting, I got my Monkey Fist. It came in the lack-luster brown box with the MF logo on one side and the specs on another side. And just as a side note, It would be great to see some design effort go into the boxing of these things. And I don’t mean just Spin Dynamics, One Drop is guilty too. Anyway, also on the box was hand written in pen “Mirror finish #8” So I’m guessing mine is number 8 out of…… That would actually be great to know.
Out of the box the MF looked awesome! The edges are very clean, crisp and sharp. And the most remarkable thing about this yoyo was its feel – not in playing, but just holding it. It was heavy, but it was light. And this is where the design of the MF really impressed me. The rims were heavy – extreme rim weight as it says on YYE. But the middle was light and fluffy. It almost felt as though if you squeezed it hard enough, you could dent the cone. Very unique and I have yet to play anything like this.
Quickly I took off the supplied string and threw on some String Lab type X string and gave it a go.

Part 2 – Initial Play
Before I elaborate on its play, let me explain my level of skill, as that always has an impact on how well a yoyo would perform. I would call myself a casual yoyo-er. I started throwing last May with my daughter and while I truly love yoyo-ing, as a father, husband, and full-time worker, I don’t have 2 to 3 hours to dedicate to yoyo-ing each night – even though I really would like that. So I would consider myself a strong advance one player. (according to the categories listed here on YYE) I’m not amazing, but I’m not crap either.
So, for the first magical throw. I’ve never thrown anything quite like this. It was heavy, but it was light. Again, how Nick achieved this is just incredible. It was very smooth on the string except for the slight vibe (due to my throw). And let me just say, this sucker will spin. It has a stock YYJ bearing in it and I intend to replace with a 10ball but wow! The rim weight really helps this thing go.
I started into a cold fusion and hit a string. I was going to have to get used to throwing this. My current throw is the Dietz. Its light, fast, and very precise. The MF is heavy, light, fast and it feels just a little wider than the Dietz. So after some throwing, my mind and hands adjusted.

Part 3 – The Test of Time

I don’t feel you can write a good review of a yoyo based on its “out of the box” experience. I think you need to spend some time with it and get to know it – the little nuances and attitudes of the throw. That’s why this review comes after about a month of play.
During the past few weeks, I’ve gotten much more comfortable with the MF. I can see that this yoyo has tremendous potential although it may be a while before I personally get it to that point to experience it.

The MF has the spin time to get you through a good long series of tricks. It feels well balanced going through tricks and doesn’t tend to tilt much unless you throw it crooked. I credit this to the shape and rim weight. The vibe I know is from me so that’s my problem. The one thing that I have noticed, and I think this is because of the mirror finish, it doesn’t grind the greatest. And if you don’t get it lined up just right, it’ll go off balance. I haven’t gotten into a lot of slack tricks yet so I can’t offer any advice on that.

Part 4 – Summary

The Monkey Fist is an amazing piece of work. It’s got the strange ability to feel both heavy and light all at the same time. It will spin forever and it has a good balanced feel to it. The shape is crisp and clean. With this particular finish, its not the best for grinding. It tends to tilt a little if you don’t land it just right. Thumb grinds are a little tough too because of the lip. This yoyo is definitely for a well experienced advanced player – something I am not just yet. I can see the tremendous potential waiting to be unleashed as I get better. It’s unforgiving on bad throws which turns into something good because it forces you to get better. Is it my go to throw? Not yet. Is it worth a purchase? That depends on your skill level and your bank account. But it is certainly priced for what you get. 
The Monkey Fist is a finely crafted work of art. Nick Gumlaw and Spin Dynamics did a great job designing this beast. I would love to see some videos of it in the hands of more “seasoned” players. And I hope to see more designs from Spin Dynamics soon. Thanks Nick for an awesome throw!

So this is my very first review of anything. Please let me know what you think! 8)

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