For Trade - Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist

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I know its not a huge list or anything but I’ve got a Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist with a mirror finish on it up for trade. Here’s some pictures:

As you will see in the pictures, the yoyo has one small scuff and one larger scuff on the rims; one you can see very well in the picture on the left side (that’s the large one). The other is smaller and lighter and because of the finish I couldn’t get it to show up very well. It also has two small dings - one on the inside of the rim and one on the outside edge of the other rim. ( i know, it was a terrible day for me :frowning: The yoyo does play fine however and the reason I’m parting with it is because I just can’t warm up to it. It has the stock bearing and comes with the pink String Lab type 1 (i believe) string - the kind for looping.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

1st choice - Spyy Radian Gen. 2 blue or black color scheme - (more than anything else, thats what I’d like)

2nd. Choice - YYJ Inspire or Crucial AYCE

After those listed above I’d be interested in any two of the following:

YYJ DM2 - Toxic Frog Edition
YYJ Hitman Pro
YYJ Fever
YYJ Vigilante
YYF DV888 Splash color scheme

Terms and conditions - Trader agrees to ship first with delivery confirmation. If you would like to see any additional pictures, please let me know. My ebay user name is Yutuhutu and I have 100% positive feedback. Any questions, drop me a PM!