FT/FS MIB Monkey Fist Cragan Edition

Up for trade I have a MIB Spin Dynamics Monkey Fist Cragan Edition (and when I say MIB I mean it’s like new. I take good care of my yo-yos!)

According to the box this is number 11 of this particular edition which has some pretty cool engraving on it which are strong in the cup and can be seen lightly on the rims in three or four parts.

Thrown it a few times but just doesn’t seem to suit my style. Usually I love the strong “H” shaped throws but this one isn’t for me. It plays smooth with no vibe and has awesome spin time. The ano is amazing for grinds and the new axle system seems much more resilient than others. Catch zone is nice and wide on this one so it’s a great addition if you enjoy playing fast or if your looking to work on some advanced tricks.

Spyy Dynamo
Toxic Strings Hazmat preferably one of the splash designs
Adegle Glaze
Any ILYY besides the Lynx
One Drop Dietz
C3 Yo Trident preferably the special edition blue splash design
Madhouse Compulsion
CLYW Marmot or Gnarwhal
Ten YoYo Drop Bear
Ten YoUo Decapod (black ano only)
Or when all else fails offer cash!

Please no beaters, yyf, yyj or plastics… I have a whole case filled with these so I don’t need anymore and just won’t use them so no sense in wasting anyone’s time.

And please, please offer trades in good condition. I’m trading MIB so keep the scuffed trades in the case and off the trading table.

Please give me a couple days to get back to you on trades so I can go over my messages.

Looking for a Black Ano Decapod too if anyone has one they want to part with!