monkeyfist is so EPIC when i got i actually said yo… YO! hi nick.

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Not to hurt your feelings, but this review was not the least bit helpful. I suggest putting some time into making a better one.

the monkeyfist is good its great look at the monkeyfist here


Read a few reviews and type up your own! There is not many reviews on this throw so be sure to make one.

Picked up a Dynamic Edition at Worlds and I love it .A fantastic undersized throw .The weight is just right and it plays great .I will leave the reviews for the younger guys to do. I have enough challenges trying to follow in their wake. I am planning to get Spin Dynamics new throw called the " Flow " !! It is sweet. Was able to get my hands on a proto to try and Wow I was sold fast. Keep up the hard work Spin Dynamics !!! Your efforts are stellar. Best regards. James