Spilled my coffee on my digital piano

Because I am a champion. Now I have the opportunity to try another brand. The mistake I made was not turning it upside down immediately. I wiped it down and went to work. After unplugging ASAP the trick is to flip is right away. Oh well, live and learn. Flip your laptop if it happens I guess.



sorry bud…



An immediate power down and power source removal followed by a full disassembly and cleaning will let most electronics live to see another day.

Stuff breaking is the best excuse for an upgrade though.

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Ugh, bummer!

Please share a pic of the new one.

Went with a psx1000 casio after much searching due to reputation and price. First accessory will be a dust cover. I gifted the other, 2 notes out, one was wonky. I could have repaired, but it’s done. I’ll share a pic of new one, sure.


Yes, along with the difficult patience not to try it out too soon.

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And I did. It should be upside down with maybe a hair dryer treatment every now and then. I could not resist powering up and checking. Even though it still may not work after a few days, it gives some small margin of success.

Anyway, excited for my new keyboard, had some features my PX160 did not. The upgrade just happened much sooner than expected, and was not totally necessary until my keyboard went to Dunkin Donuts.