Okay so samsung laptop and it froze and was making annoying sounds so I quickly held the power off button and now when I try to turn it back on what happenes is it asks me how I want to start the computer so I started it in safety mode just in case, so it went to safety mode and froze as soon as it started to load my desktop. So I tried running it normally and it wont even go to the desktop it just turn black.

I’ve tried taking out the battery for a while, I’ve tried restoring it and nothings working. If anyone can help that would be amazing!

Sorry for any errors if there are any, i’m using my moms Iphone.


Sounds like you’ll need to reinstall the OS


How? Also what exactly is that? Not the greatest with computers.


OS is the Operating System. Windows is an example of an OS.


Okay, now how do you do that exactly?

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You might have a disc somewhere that says ‘Windows OS’ whether it be 7, 8, vista, you know. Make sure you have a backup of the files on the computer first, then put the disc in. I THINK, it will give you some option somewhere to wipe and reinstall the computer. I’m not the best with PC, I’m a Mac person, so hopefully I’m giving the right advice here…


HDD is dead or dying. Noise was probably the needle getting too close to the platter.


Okay, but my laptop was already intalled with Windows. I never recieved a disk.


Didn’t you get a recovery disk with it?


Not sure i’d have to check.


I did not get a recovery disk.

Like I don’t have much money to get it repaired.


do you have any backup images because if you do you can legally download a windows 7 iso and use it’s recovery feature I had to do that about a month ago. Worked like a charm. No backup image or recovery discs your out of luck and might have to try installing a fresh install of windows I think the product key can be reset or is good for multiple uses. I am not to great with microsoft policy since I am a big FLOSS guy when it comes to computers. But anymore questions just pm me. I will respond ASAP.


The windows OS sticker on the computer itself should have a valid key and they should still be able to use it. As for the OS you may need to find someone who has one available that you can borrow


Call the tech-support of the company that made the computer. I would not jump to conclusions. Based on what you have said the problem could be:

  1. Hard drive failure
  2. Boot-sector failure
  3. Power supply failure
  4. ANY number of other things…

If that does not work, or is unavailable - I would take it to a reputable computer repair store. They will be able to deduce the problem as well as provide solutions. It might cost you a few $; but you get what you pay for.


The OS is not loading, start up files are not loading properly, could be HDD failure.  How was the computer running prior to the crash?  Did you have a virus?  spyware?  You probably don’t have recovery CDs because computers rarely come with CDs anymore, they have HDD based recovery.  Start the computer then immediately hold F4 key,  try this guide.

If recovery wont load, or wont recover properly.  Then you’re gonna need to wipe the OS.  If that doesn’t work then the HDD is fried, not that big of a deal, depending on the size you can pick up a HDD for 50-100 bucks.  Do some google searches on my how to load Windows, you can pick up a OS of any bit torrent site, just make sure you get the proper edition of Windows, and make sure it’s OEM otherwise your COA won’t work.  let me know if you need any help.


I actually finally found the Recovery CD!

I just want to thank everyone who tried to help me, thanks a lot it means a ton.