this is a bit weird....

Hello people!

I was iheartyoyo , but somehow my computer went totally bezerk , and crashed…
Now my gmail won’t come up , and I could not log in as iheartyoyo.

Also , has this happened to anyone else?
If so , reply please.

Thank you!

You don’t remember your password?

Even if you can’t, there’s a “I forgot my password” button…

I don’t know why what computer you use matters.

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I have tried everything!

I got a yahoo mail , at least that comes up!

I’ve clicked every button there is to click , and nothing works…
but i’m not gonna worry about it.
It will all be good!

I’m still really confused. Do you know the information you need to log in? And if you do, why can’t you log in?

It’s confusing for me too , but like I said , i’m just not gonna worry with it.
I am worried about my computer , it’s pretty old.
It’s probably time for a new one…

No, what I’m saying is…


I dunno , lol.

But anyway , i’ll probably just delete this thread…

But , I have done everything I could possibly do…

got a new password (didn’t work)
went to gmail (wouldn’t upload)
tried to log in (wouldn’t let me)
pushed every button possible (nothing)
tried to get a new password (wouldn’t upload gmail)

Basically , i’m screwed because of gmail…

Try PMing a mod…

PM a mod?

Didn’t think about it! I’ll try!

Mr Icthus is the guy to contact.