cant login from pc


So I can login from my Droid but not any computers. I’ve made sure that I logout on the phone in case that’s the issue but when I try to sign in from a computer it says the password doesn’t match the email. It’s the same email/password I use on my phone. I’m confused I want to order in the morning but I can’t order with the phone it always says server can’t communicate and I can’t login on the computer.

Can I order by placing a phone call?


Yes you can call and place an order, I did it twice before I started doing it online.


Sweet. Still bothers me that I can’t login from a computer. Do I need item#s to place a phone order?


No, just tell them what you want and they will place the order for you. They basically fill it out online like you would if you could get to a computer and log in and do it yourself.


What operating system and what browser are you using?

I’ve been using Firefox, although I placed my first order using MSIE. Worked fine. I mean, I got the DM2 I ordered and my bank account was withdrawn by that much, so it must have worked.


I’ve tried ie, firefox, and Chrome. It just keeps saying my password doesn’t match.

First time I tried to order from a network pc at work so I figured I.T. may have a block, they tend to block weird stuff out like that. But then I tried at home and it was the same thing.


Do the YYE procedure for resetting your password. Check the general forum for that. Your forum password and your shop password are not the same unless you choose to make them the same.,28281.0.html

But also, again, your shopping is not tied to the forum so you may need to make a shopping account.


Didn’t know it wasn’t the same login and I’ve never created a shop password betcha that’s it. Thx


Yep - you need a shopping account.