Omg, why doesn't my password work when I try to buy a yoyo.

Just realized the yoyo I’d kill for is in the new release section. But It tells me my darn password is wrong, WHY?! Do I have to sign up for that area too? Though it would be the same as my account here.

I just made an account in a rush, because I -had- to have my pocket change… I didn’t even know it was out! Should have some more obvious way to let us yoyo addicts know… Hopefully I don’t have two accounts now… Never had to sign up before when I bought from here, but maybe it’s because it wasn’t from the ‘new release’ section before, or there’s been some new system implemented. Feel free to still post and explain things to me, so I’ll be a bit less ignorant. Thanks!

Well, YoYoExpert’s on Twitter:

Well, there was an update for the shop last week. The layout’s been redone, there’s a new account system, etc.

it is just like yyn. i think you have to login in order to buy or create a new account. so it is seperate. the account you own now is your forum account.

I didn’t think that you had to have an account for it. I didn’t. Just an email and address.

One; twitter is the devil. Two; yeah, forced me to make an account. Thank all of you guys for posting though. Cleared some stuff up. I didn’t mind it. I just would have been severely upset if I didn’t get my Pocket Change. On my list of yoyos to get, that was the one I was waiting for, and I didn’t even know when it got there, haha. And such a sexy price, since it’s cheaper than the expected $15. May get another one soon. Anyone know the actual release day for when it got here?

Your welcome.

It came here on Saturday at 10 pm Eastern Time.