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Hello everyone. I just have a couple questions about logging into the main YoYoExpert website. When I go to the site, everything seems fine. Then I attempt to login. When I type in my E-Mail address, the letters are a light grey color (are they supposed to be black?) Anyway, I know I’m using the right E-Mail address because if I have E-Mails from the site from 2015. I must have the wrong password, although I’m using all the passwords I have ever used. The site must have made me change it to something with random numbers or something I wouldn’t remember lol.

Anyway, this next part may be an issue with my laptop and not the website. I can enter text into text boxes when I first load the website. For instance, after the login attempt fails, I can’t try again or type my E-Mail into the text box when attempting to retrieve a password. I can’t copy/paste into the text box either).

So my question is, does anyone know how to fix the issue with the text boxes, or does anyone know if an account gets deleted after a certain amount of inactivity? Obviously I can still login to the forums, so I don’t know. Any input would be appreaciated!


Admins looking into that for you. A reply should be fairly soon. :slight_smile:


Are you referring to the store login in the My Account link at the very top of the page that bring up a page that says Customer Login?

Or the forum login below the YOYOEXPERT label where it says “Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.”?

What browser are you using?

Try clearing your browser cache, and delete all cookies. Then restart your browser.

(André Boulay) #4

I took a look and I think we just need to re-activate your ‘store’ account - just sent you a link to handle that! :blush:

Also - very very soon - this will all be ‘synced’ with the forum (new update) coming soon - very excited!