My PGM v2 died!

My plastic grind machine died today! The plastic part that holds the hubstack post broke off of the yoyo. Take off your hats in remembrance of my PGM.

If any body has half of a v2 pgm they want to sell me let me know :). (any color is fine)


Lol. This isn’t the first time that’s happened to someone.

hrmmmm, if you were skilled with a blowtorch you could cut the excess plastic off of the part that broke off and then melt some plastic into the spot, then place the part on before the plastic hardens… but that might not be healthy (toxic fumes) nor safe (burning… ow). so use at your own risk… or you could try superglue. letting a yoyo like that just die makes me sad :frowning:

Yeah i don’t think i’ll try to fix it.

Someone has already PM’ed me about buying another half so i think i’ll do that.

ima knock on wood that this doesnt happen to my pgm2

that same exact thing happened to my Pocket Change. I tried to glue it but it didn’t work for long…

A moment of silence. TO remember our fallen.

Some questions:

  1. What Causes this?

  2. I have a PGM v2 and I’m afraid it will happen to me! What do I do?

that happend to me

I think just droping it eventually just makes the plastic crack. It’s not like it’s going to happen to every one but if you do alot of 5a and drop it alot it might.