Spike Tip


So, I’m always seeing stuff about when the tip wears down, you can put super glue on it to make it kind of pointy again. Well my question is, does it really have to be pointy? Why can’t the spike just be dull and a little flat? It still plays the same it seems, so I don’t really see the need.


You have to superglue the tip before it wears down. The superglue strengthens the wood, keeping it from becoming flat. The only way to get a spike back on a ken that has already been worn down would be to file it down.


From what I could gather, they do it because it prolongs the spike from getting shorter. If the spike is shorter some tricks can get harder to do. However playing with a dull spike does seem to help more with technique because you let the tama sink into the spike rather than just spiking it as hard as you can. So yeah they just glue them so the spike won’t get shorter (atleast for awhile). However you don’t have to if you don’t want to, because a blunt spike makes things more challenging and fun (or more frustrating to some). :smiley:

Though as you progress in Kendama you will notice that your spikes don’t become as blunt as your previous ones, for example my first kendama’s spike looks like it has a half circle tip, but my latest kendama’s spike is still there (a little bit flat on top though but still resembles a spike) even after almost a month of use! Keep dama’ing. :wink:


Pencil sharpen that tip! Most plastic hand held sharpeners have two holes. Use the larger one obviously.


My yomega kendama came with, basically, a dome with a flat top as the spike. I can still land the ball on the spike (every once in a while, of course)