Pros and Cons of a Glued Tip

Can anyone explain to me the pros and cons of gluing the spike on your Kendama? I’m a beginner to Kendama, and I was considering gluing my spike to give it a bit more longevity through all of my failed spike attempts, but I’m curious why having a dull spike is considered a bad thing? It seems that it could actually help to have a dull spike sometimes…

Who said having a dull spike is a bad thing? And how would glue help?

putting super glue on the tip makes it last way longer. I’m not super good so I can’t comment on why having a sharp tip is better then a blunt one. I have found no downside to the superglue. You need to use something that dries hard like super glue something that dries more soft like rubber will not be a good thing it will cause the ball to snag on the tip rather then just slide down the spike.
I assume since every single kendama I have seen has a sharpened tip it must be for a reason.

It makes the tip last longer. I’m no expert but I have a ken with a spike almost a half inch shorter than when I got it. I glue my tips.

I’ve owned 18 kendamas so I have experienced a sharp spike and a dull spike. The advantages of gluing your kendamas are longer spikes for easier spiking and it looks nice because it looks so sharp. The only good thing about having a dull spike is that there is 1 trick called “Border’s Balance” which is easier to do on a dull spike but that trick is very advanced so you shouldn’t be worried about that. Hope this could clear things up!