Kendama Maintenace: Silicone instead of Glue?

Could I possibly use Flowable or Adhesive silicone rather than super glue? Or will this not work?

EDIT: Will regular glue work in place of super glue?

I’m assuming you’re talking about on the tip correct?

From what I understand the super glue is used to harden the tip and prevent it from getting dull as quickly. So silicone and regular glue that does not really harden the same will not have much benefit. I just stick with the tried and trusted super glue personally.

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Used super glue. I’ve been playing Kendama for about a year and 3 months and it’s always worked for me. I’d highly recommend getting the super glue that has the brush.

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Stick to CA (superglue). It’s thin, fills pores in wood, and hardens very well.

The only other glue I would consider is 2-part epoxy, but it won’t fill the pores and create a seamlessly harder tip; it will coat the tip in a layer of plastic-like substance, somewhat altering the shape. And will likely chip off eventually.

So yeah. Super Glue fo’ sho’.

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