Spike armor/ Super glue


Do you folks apply super glue to the spike of the Kendama? There’s a site that sells their own type of super glue that is supposed to help keep the spike sharp for 4x as long. Just wondering your thoughts on super glue. Thanks

(InvaderDust) #2

ive tried several kinds of glues and CA (super glues). While they all worked, Gorilla Super Glue specifically has worked the best for me by far.


I use the anothersite.com spike armor for mine, and it works great. It starts to chip off after a while, but it lasts a decently long time. It definitely prevents the spike from becoming blunt.


Hahaha I didn’t know “Spike Armor” was a real thing. Save your money and pick up some superglue at the store, or just use whatever is in your house. They all work about the same.


I would, but it came in a kendama pack, and I didn’t buy it :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s cool, wasn’t trying to fault you for it. Just honestly surprised me that they rebranded superglue for kendamas lol.