Kendama Photos - Let's See 'Em

Well, I got bored today and took a few shots on my new Kendama. Enjoy!
The Habitat by ArchersAxe, on Flickr

It’s a Green Stained Sweets Ken with MrSourmash Sugarcane Bamboo Tama.

Please feel free to post some shots you have gotten as well! :slight_smile:

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Nobody? :frowning:
Seafoam Porcelain by ArchersAxe, on Flickr

I’m here! This is my only kendama - a Yomega Pro that I picked up from a local toy store. The paint has dent marks all over it after a few days, and the spike is more like a dome, but hey, I’m a n00b, so what do I know? ;D

Very cool! I’ve been told a pencil sharpener can help a spike out a bit if you feel you’re losing the spike catches. Also, using super glue on your spike can help it last longer (significantly to my observation).

Is that some kind of TK or some sort of Sweets custom in the center? I feel like I can see a TK logo on it… Looks pretty rad!

And another one to add. My yoyo shots aren’t coming together too well; overcast today was really killing the shot I wanted.
Marble Sofa by ArchersAxe, on Flickr

^^^ Love that!

Here’s a quick shot of a shelf in my office;

Please don’t use a pencil sharpener that would be harmful… I’ll post a pic when I have the time.

I used a sharpener on my so called “spike” (really a dome) and now it IS a spike.