Speedmaker Sidecaps

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Hey all, Im thinkin about removing one or both of my sidecaps on my speedmaker, well that help the performance? can it thumb grind well after i do that? if so will the duct tape method work? can they go back in jic i wanna do that ever again?

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i’ve found using a suction cup to be a lot easier, and it doesn’t leave schmutz that you have to clean off.
you CAN thumb grind a speedmaker after removing the caps, but it’s not particularly easy, and won’t look all that clean or impressive (to the degree that it would with a dm, for ex.).


They won’t make too much of a difference on performance.

Yes, you should be able to thumb grind.

Yes, duct tape should work. It usually works perfectly fine for me and doesn’t leave any residue, but others have had different experiences with that.

Yes, they can go back in later, also.

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Yay! how about only takin one out? will that mess up the balance?

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Taking a single cap out won’t make a difference at all. I have both of my sidecaps removed in my Speed Maker and I must say, it is not made for thumb grinds at all, so it’s not as easy as it would be on other yoyos. It is possible, but a lot harder and worse looking as well.

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yeah i totally agree, i just took mine out, and i have to say it plays smoother! so i think im gonna either leave them out always, or paint them and put them back in


you should try one cap off and one on
I do it like that and as andre said in this video:http: http://yoyoexpert.com/learn/415-maintenance-yo-yo-caps.html
he plays it like that and it could help you do a better vaiarety of tricks

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the speedmaker cannot grind…im leavin both out though, i like the feel of it better than when there in