The speeder yoyo is metal rimmed and unresponsive. A reasonable price for an amazing yoyo! The yoyo is regular sized and has long spin times. This yoyo is good for plastic whip and wrist whip. Good grinds and godly binds. It doesnt have a very big gap but big enough for catching on the string. It comes in MANY colors and can handle any string format. I was excited when my dad got it and thought it was responsive. When my dad found out it was unresponsive he was frustrated. I was super happy! A month later i was learning more tricks then i was with my velocity. I did have some trouble taking the bearing out. When i called andre he sent me a bearing for free. When i put the new bearing in it was good as new. Now this was a good yoyo but not my favorite yoyo. I wasnt too fond of plastic back then because I was always banging my yoyo on the ground. It started to crack around the rims but other than that it was a wonderful funderful yoyo! DETAILS:Weight: 65 grams Width 1.48 in Diameter:2.17 in Response: Hybrid APPEARANCE: Colors: yellow,orange,light blue,dark blue,pink,white,light green,clear blue,clear,black,and limited with gold rims. SUMMARY: SUPER FINE!


Good review ;D To make it better, make more paragraphs! Don’t clump everything into 1 paragraph, make multiple paragraphs so that it’s easier to read :slight_smile: Can you post some pictures?


ok review,but some constructive critisisim: talk about why you dont like it very much, the specs(gap,wheight,etc…),and if you really want to make it a five star review post pics.


i dont know how. :’(


Just press enter, it will start a new line.


i mean posting pictures


use imageshack to upload them from your computer then click on my images,then click on the picture you want on YYE,then click get code for forums,then just copy the writing and post it while you are posting the reply. :wink:


whats image shack?


An image-hosting website.



how do you get it on yoyoexpert?


Take the direct link to the image and put it in between [ img] and [ /img] tags like so:




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i asked