Speeder really unresponsive.

My Speeder is really unresponsive. I mean you can’t even bind it back. Could it be because I have new Angel Hair Strings? I also dont have any lube at the moment. Also, should the axle be on the bearing side or the other side?

Try different string, then tell us how it is.

It doesnt really matter which side the bearing is on. So long as it can spin well, you’re good to go!

I meant the Axle. Not the Bearing.

I doesn’t matter either.

Your axle isnt the thing that is moving. Its the bearing. There is no bearing side, simply the axle and non-axle side.

Try tightening the string. also for example if you do a trapeze, dismount and then do this thing whew you bind from under the string. if you bind opposite from where you throw then it will come back up more likely.

I know that. I just saw some of the tutorials here and the dm’s axle is on the bearing side. (Starburst side for dm and not oring side. and I did try that Chris.

It differs often.