Speeder... part's hubs(or whatever.)

On a Speeder, is the bearing supposed to be on the same side as the axle? And on the DM? Because the bearing on my Speeder is on the same side as my axle, which is different from my Speedmaker. And today, I was telling my friend who has a DM about this, and his bearing is on the same hub as his axle on his DM, and then like 10 minutes later he got a knot and he unscrewed and the bearing was on the other hub opposite from the axle. Which side should the axle and bearing be on? I think the bearing should be on the o-ring side, and the axle on the starburst. Once again, which side should the axle and bearing be on?

It doesn’t really matter.

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OK thanks. I like it better on opposite sides because it is easier to put the new strings on or put the same one on after getting a knot out.

Just saying, but you shouldn’t need to open up the yo-yo to put on a string. It’s sort of a bad habit since it will make you screw/unscrew the yo-yo more.

Umm then how do I put on a new string?

Unwind the string, then put it around the yoyo.

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Here. Fixed.


Oh. Duh… :stuck_out_tongue:

The bearing can go on whichever side of the yoyo, it doesnt make a differnce.
and to put a new string on you un wind the string and put on the yoyo(you dont have to unscrew the yoyo to do this)