Speeder Questions! and Pictures!!!!

When I came home today, I found my Speeder in the mail!!! It was from ebay so I checked for flaws. So, I have questions. Are caps supposed to be really easy to pop out? How durable is the Speeder? And is it normal to have to triple bind in order to bring back up the yoyo?



Crack!!! Oh no!!!

Yes and no
Decently Durable
Yes, but maybe you should get better at binding and/or try something else to make it easier to get back.

Take a picture, upload it to a photo sharing site (ex. photobucket.com) then post the link to the image in between image bracket things img][/img if you just click on the image option above the smileys, post the link between it, and post.

For my binds, when i bind once, it just falls back down. Is that normal for Angel Hair Strings that are new?

I feel jyped. >:(

Unless you’ve got a really solid binding technique, yes it is, especially with o-ring response. Practice and you’ll get it.

i have a Speeder…yes the caps pop out by itself when you play it,what i did is i put my caps with a small amount of silicone so that it won’t pop out when you play it…and its easy to remove if you want unlike a glue…i used white silicone because i have a white speeder so that it won’t be obvious…

regarding the durability i think its not that solid but still not that weak…cracks do appear as time passes by specially when you play with it but it won’t affect the performance of the Speeder,in other words nothing to worry about…just practice how to bind well and maintain you hands above your stomach when you are playing to avoid dings,hits,and etc…

i dont think if you can see the silicone haha good luck…

I got my Speeder for 34.50 with shipping. Was it worth it if it has three cracks on the axle seat? Will it affect it much such as playability? I mean how cracked is yours?

dude nothing to wrry about the cracks as long as it doesn’t come from floor hits or walls…YYJ metal rim yoyos are naturally gaining cracks even your not using it actually my Speeder have 4 cracks…i mean long cracks…it doesnt affect the playability just avoid hitting it ok?maintain your hand above your waist while playing…

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