Speeder crakcs ?! who can help

aight i bought my speeder from yoyoxking on yyn for only 20 bucks 0.o anyway it has some cracks wich do not hinder it in the least but im afraid that carrying it in my pocket all day will make them bigger and i dont want that to happen because i love it :’(… will they get bigger is there any way i can get rid of them. idk do you ???

I can’y help you, But I think Speeders crack a lot.

Mark’s speeder has a crack in it and he hasn’t reported it getting worse.

Ask Mage.

yea cracks dont get worse most of the time unless you hit it on the ground or overtighten it. carry it in your pocket but if you feel the need 4 more protection, get a yoyo pouch. :slight_smile:

hope this helps. :wink:

Dont worry,they wont make the play any worse.

Overtime they may get bigger, but it should be awhile before they get big enough to really worry about them.

thnx to all

i should be fin this is rather normal in yoyojam yoyos. and yoyojam wouldn’t sell them if they would break that easy. If you need to get a yo yo sling or a yo yo pouch. here is where you can buy one.
http://www.yoyoguy.com/PN/VB02/Yo-Yo-Carrying-Cases/Yo-Yo-n-Go  you can find a pouch practically at any store for yoyos. later Guy.

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