Speed Maker/Speeder Double Silicone Mod or Rather any yoyo.

(Mark) #1

Isn’t it possible if you have two of the yoyo to double silicone or rubber o ring if it is hybrid? Just remove the axle of one of them and then screw the side into the other side? Then you have a double O -ring yoyo right?


I assume so

(Mark) #3

I thought so. I might do that with my Speed Maker.


I don’t think so… you won’t have the axle, or have two axles.


He can take it out…??


No, some yoyos are different. The O-Ring isnt always on the axle side, and vice-versa. It is possible to get two and switch - People do this all the time. However, you may have to take the axle out if it is on the O-Ring side.

(Mark) #7

Thats what I meant. It shouldn’t be too hard to remove an axle. I mean they do sell replacements for a reason.


How do you take out the axle???



Or use the loosen setting on a drill and using the axle as a screw