speed maker axle

if i wanted to make my speed maker a double o ring yoyo, and i buy two to put together, what would i do if the axle stayed in the wrong side? what would i do

You would need to remove the axle with a hex key, a pair of pliers, a drill chuck, or the jam nut method.

how would u use a hex key and what is the jam nut method

just put a napkin or a cloth around the axle and get some pliers and twist it off

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The YoYoJam axle is set screw. On one side of the axle there is a hole for a hex key like this:


All you have to do is put the hex key in the hole and turn. Granted this method can only be used if the hex key hole on the axle is facing out.

The jam nut method requires two nuts that can be threaded onto the axle. Basically what you do is thread both nuts onto the axle and tighten them against each other. Then you rotate the axle out of the yo-yo by turning the bottom nut with a wrench or a pair of pliers.

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brilliant explination!!!