DM1 double o-ring

could you technically buy 2 DM1s get both halves with the o-ring screw an axel into and put them together?well now you can just buy the dm2 but im just wondering.

That is a possibility, but you would probably need to take the axel out of one of the yoyo halves, but that’s not to advanced though.

i know, the question came to mind and i wasnt sure so i asked. though it would be easier and cheaper just to get the dm2.

Yes, you can do that with almost any yoyo. Take one of the axel, and done.

A good technique for mixing colors.

Yes, it’s not a big deal really. I have a dual o-ring black knight that I made that way. I was fortunate enough to know a guy at the time that got off on star burst response so it worked out well for both of us.

So would the same work with a DM2? Like, I can swap halves and halve a dual o-ring response, right?

Sure. :wink:

Yes, it is possible.

IF you are planning to do that:

  • Good luck finding another DM1, considering it’s been discontinued for about 8 years now… But if you do happen to find one (good luck), I would appreciate it if you PMd me or something and told me where you got it…

You can always just have a modder recess the starburst half.

Discontinued for 8 years? They didn’t discontinue it after the very first run. It’s been discontinued for about 1 or 2 years, if that.

Heh hasn’t even really been discontinued for a full year yet I don’t think.

Where is the heck did you come up with 8 years?

Sorry guys, I didn’t think of that… :-[

Yeah, 8 years is a little too exaggerated. I just started learning yoyo tricks a two years ago, and the Dark Magic was still one of the most popular yoyos around. The Dark Magic 2 is really quite new. I only found out about it a few months ago.