speed bearing vs od 10 ball


the wildly acclaimed od 10 ball vs the underated 10 ball speed bearing LET THE DISCUSSION COMMENCE!!

MORTAL KOMBAT lol jk but just wanted to see everyone opinion

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If you were to hand me a yoyo and asked me to throw it, I couldn’t tell you if it was a regular bearing or a 10 ball. Some might make a lucky guess and others might really know. I just don’t think most would know. The blind test on equipment is just lacking in yoyoing.

If the bearing is good, I’m good. I don’t sweat the details I just enjoy the toy.


i hate both.


I find speed bearings to be more responsive, but then I haven’t had much experiance with them.


Why would you hate a 10 ball one drop?
Unless you are not used to flat bearings…


Too much maintenance. Too much trouble, too many issues.


As long as the bearing is working properly, I could care less. A properly cleaned and lubed or treated should play really good. Both are good bearing and I’ve had no problems with either.


[threadjack]I don’t know the 10-ball (though I have one on order) but I’m on a mission to try as many bearings and strings as I can… “just because” it’s something I have fun with. What would you recommend as a low-maintenance few-issues alternative?[/threadjack]


I think speed bearings are louder


Chinese 10-ball KK.


I actually want to try a blind test with the same yoyo, just different bearings. Maybe I can tell maybe I won’t. Some say it is just psychosomatic or something but I think I can feel the smoothness of the OD 10 ball when I was able to try it. This is not to tell that the speed bearing is bad, it is actually good. Probably one of my longest spinning bearings too (on flicks). I do have my preferences in bearings but I’ll play the yoyo with almost any bearing provided it is not really crappy/or broken. Most of the times though bearings just require some good ol’ cleaning to bring it back from the dead.


I’ve saved several bearings that otherwise didn’t work very well at all, just by cleaning them.