Special edition Valor! Hasn't been released yet NEW!

I have a one drop valor to sell. It is a nickel-plated edition. These aren’t out yet (at the time of this post). I got it directly from onedrop. It is THE best metal I’ve ever played. I want to keep it soooo bad, but I have to raise $500 to get my cat’s mange treated(if he has it, we’re not sure). The yoyo retails new for 120. This is a nickel-plated one so it will probably cost 135 when it released. This yoyo is new, unreleased and is amazing. I will probably regret this, but I’d like to sell it for 155 with shipping. I also have a YYF rolemodel that is new and a brand new vg protostar. They have all been opened, but the proto has never been thrown and the role model and valor have been thrown less than 50 times each. They are all in perfect condition. I really dont want to trade, because I need money to have my cat looked at. The valor is 155 with shipping. The role model is 50 with shipping and the protostar is 25 with shipping.

Nice throw. I was always curious as to why OD never offers a polished nickel version?

Nickel valors are gonna drop in a few days. So I’ll just buy one for $20 less then. Honestly

Yes, I love cats/animals and I’d love to help you out but…