Got my OD Valor Saturday Market

Got my OD Valor Saturday Market from the 12/7/18 drop. This is my first metal and it is beyond amazing! Balance perfect, shape perfect, anonis gorgeous.

I’m just so excited and want to share.image


First metal yoyo? Nice catch!

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Yeah I’m just getting Into throwing since high school (10 years ago). So I have a yeti, wedge, and the first base but this is my first metal


My OD Valor (brown, came with a center trac from previous owner) is excellent. It’s the smoothest yo-yo I have ever owned or thrown. I feel virtually nothing when I put my fingernail against it spinning. Something about the gap and response is right on.

It’s one reason I sold my Citizen. Valor was so good that I didn’t feel the need to hang onto it.

VTWO looks good too, but the original is better looking. Congrats!

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I’ve had some bad “Saturday Market” experiences. That one is quite nice!

The Saturday Market gauntlet I got is almost all yellow :confused:

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Sadly thats just something that happens occasionally. Here’s my sat market collection.