has there been specs/release date given on the valor?

or if u have any other info regarding the valor it would be appreciated


Nothing has been given but pictures

Can’t weight for the Valor. Looks like a Horizontal Beast!

It will be another OneDrop success! I love what the OneDrop crew are doing! But no nothing specific has been said.

The photos make me want it (let it drop after the shit down is over and I can get back to normal buying habits!).

Based on what I remember after throwing it at worlds my guess (and please remember this is just a guess) would be that it is:

Diam: 55mm
Width: 44mm
Gap: 4.4mm
Weight: 64grams

Just felt that way to me… Again I have no idea if this is true. I can say that I loved how it played. Very much a fun yoyo to throw.