FS- One Drop Valor, Hspin Icon, CHAOS 422 String

FOR SALE- I have a gold, One Drop Valor and a gold, Hspin Icon I am selling. Both are mint and pristine and vibe- free. For the most part both throws are unused, and come with boxes. The Icon comes with a pair of socks which commemorates the Hspin Core Series. I used to know the significance of the socks, but it escapes me now after so many years etc…
The Icon comes with the awesome Hspin “Hybrid” size “D” bearing. I always thought that bearing would become famous in the yoyoing community, but Hspin never produced it in any sizes other than “D”. It is a super smooth, SILKY feeling bearing like no other. It seemed liked I was the only one to ever take notice however.
The Valor is also mint with the box. If anyone is interested, you will need to contact me directly, because pm’ing me through YYE has not worked for years, with no luck trying to fix whatever the issue is. So please text or voicemail me at 612 923-2364, or email me at
greycloud@comcast.net. Thank you.

Mint with box One Drop YoYos, Gold, C bearing yo-yo- Comes with Dif-E-Yo KinKave bearing.
$95- shipped

Mint with box Hspin, Gold, D bearing yo-yos,
Comes with Hspin hybrid bearing. We’re $20 each back in the day.
$90- shipped

For Sale- 10- packs of random colors of Chaos 422 poly/nylon blend strings.
$22- shipped (per 10- pack)

Would love to see some pics of that. Also I think you’re talking about Mo and he’s still an active member of this community.

I cant remember where I saw those videos. Did he have a website at one point? I know he was co-founder of G2 but did he have anything to do with highspeedyoyo’s site?