so, a couple weeks ago i was at my local yoyo store about to buy a dv888 but then he told me if i waited about a week and a new hspin yoyo (the icon) was going to be at the store for around 60, so have you guys heard of it. it isnt at the store yet. if youhave heard of it tell me the release time and the price if you can. thx

I have heard of it in the UK because the guy that released it is Magleeto, seen loads of his videos and is on the Yoyoz forum, don’t know when the release date is, try asking Andre?

supposedly in two weeks it will be on Stringburnlive. i will pm u a link

I believe this upcoming week it is shipping from HSPIN to online stores… I expect YYE to have it since they already sell HSPIN. I want one!!