ICON ready to ship in June!

I am very excited to say that the ICON is expected to ship at the beginning of June 2010.


Price: USD 59

Magl33To’s PREFERENCES: This yoyo marks the debut of a new era. HSPIN NETWORK members will influence the design of our yoyos more than ever, and more than most manufacturers allow players to contribute. This particular yoyo is based on the preferences of MagL33To from the UK. The design of the ICON logo is courtesy of Simmy, also from the UK.

NEW COATING FOR CORE SERIES YOYOS: The ICON will see the release of the new coating for our Core Series yoyos, that allows for maximum smoothness to the touch. The finish is much smoother than that of the BeySick and has proven to be excellent for all kinds of grinds.

POLISHED GAP SIDE: While the coating is indeed great, the bead blasting on it could be tough on your strings. The good news is that we’re taking care of that for you! We decided to go the extra mile and to polish the gap-side of this yoyo. You will immediatly notice the shiny inner side and be safe in the knowledge that your strings are secure.

Enjoy and play like L33To!


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Looks cool, but could you post some specs please!?

ICON looks great!


wow, now i want one.

It’s been an uneventful tiring day until I heard this: Samm Scott wins first place during the NC State 2010 contest in two divisions with the ICON yoyo!! Just a few days before it’s shipping from our warehouse. Congratulations Samm!!! You litterally made my day, and I know Magl33to is excited too, he came by my place tonight to pick up a few more of his signature yoyos.


And before it’s out, the ICON has already gotten an amazing review: http://www.highspeedyoyo.com/reviews/hspin/hspin-icon

  1. Check out the NC States webpage: http://northcarolinayo-yo.blogspot.com/
  2. Check out Magl33to’s casual Sunday afternoon freestyle with the ICON:
  3. Read our last blog entry about ICON features: http://www.hspin.com/webpage/?q=node/2894

All of this for just USD 59 at your preferred retailer.

Much love from the UK, Switzerland and India,

please tell me you guys are making another run of the beysicks.with new colors.i finaly have the money but cant find one anywhere.

try B/S/T


•Weight: 65 grams
•Width: 40 mm
•Diameter: 54 mm
•Gap: ~4 mm
•Bearing: D-Sized Steel Bearing
•Response: Thin Red Silicone Pads