Spec bearing help

My spec bearing won’t spin and its really annoying me >:(
I was playing with my Dv888 and everything was fine.
then i put it down for like 5 or so minutes. I picked it back u and threw it and it was responsive. i opened the yoyo and took a look at the bearing and nothing was in there. So i dont know whats wrong with the bearing. Anybody know whats wrong???

I sounds like something is in the bearing itself.  Here is a video that will help you take off your shields and clean the bearing.  Also, an easy way to tell if it’s the bearing seat or the bearing itself is to put the bearing into another yo-yo and see what it does.

If you don’t want to clean it, just put in a drop of YYJ thin lube in. It may be responsive, but it will bring the bearing back to life.

ok thanks guys. I lack of cleaning materials right now so i’ll just add some lube

Clean and lube…it brings even rusted bearings to life…well to an extent

BTW…love the pic of your dunny series 4 “mist”…are you a collector?


nah just a fan of them