Spec Bearing doesnt spin correctly

So, I was playing with my Duncan Raptor this morning and I heard the bearing making weird noises. Like every 5 or so seconds I would hear a weird squeaky noise when it was spinning. So I flicked the bearing lightly and it would spin smoothly. But when I flicked it harder it went really fast then slowed down quick. I also shook my bearing and I could hear things moving around. I deshielded the bearing and I tried using it like that, and the yoyo became extremely not smooth at all, and it became responsive. This is a spec bearing and im not sure whats going on. Any help?

try cleaning it. probably something stuck in the bearing.
also look at the balls and the ball cage, make sure everything looks how it should. I’ve heard from some other people here that they’ve had balls slightly sticking out, or some other mechanical problems.
If you clean it, and look at it and you don’t find anything wrong, try sending it in to the manufacturer. they might replace it for you.

Alright, Thanks!

Depending on price, might it be advisable to recommend simply replacing the bearing? It would probably be faster and cost less than sending back to the manufacturer,

Sorry, I haven’t done the price check myself yet.

okay, this may sound weird, butr just hear me out,

hold the bearing on somekind of wire that woun’t melt, like a metal wire or something then with the bearing being held far from your hands, take a light and quickly swish the flame under the bearing, don’t hold the flame direclty under the bearing, but instead move the flame side to side quickly comming in contact and leaving the bearing do this for 20-30 seconds and them try using the bearing

remember, the flame should only be touching the flame for about a quarter second at a time. move the flame, not the bearing and move it in and out quickly in a quarter of a second intervals, for about 20-30 seconds,

I did this and it worked, i don’t know how or why, but it works