Spatter Paint...Splatter Paint...

How many yoyos are painted that way now?
Maybe It’s from growing up on the water but it kinda reminds me of the inside of an old boat.

you mean like the splash?
uhh… a lot of all metals have that. it’s pretty common actually.

Alot of yoyos are.

Very common now. Some of the best looking yoyos use splash

Yes…very common indeed.

Yes, there are far, far too many yoyos using splash finish. It’s getting pretty ridiculous.

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Well it is the best way to get more than one color on a yoyo

They’re just giving the people what they want… I love my red with black splash Dv888 and many others love their splash yoyos. It’ll stop when people don’t want them any more just like any other fad it’ll die some time… (But ponies they’ll be around forever… And no I’m not in denial… :slight_smile:

It’s like a horror movie….