Acid Wash vs. Splash vs. Fade vs. Splatter vs. Speckle


Hello Yoyo Community,
I wanted to cast of survey of what you guys prefer in effects. Your choices are: Acid Wash, Splash, Fade, Splatter, or Speckle. If any of you think I’m forgetting some effect, please let me know!



Splash is AWESOME :smiley:


I like how CLYW has combined almost all of these… I like splatter the most.


In order of preference…

  1. Speckle
  2. Splatter
  3. Splash
  4. Acid Wash
  5. Fade


(Raphael) #6


I love shiny yoyo’s, they look so delicious


What’s the different between splatter and splash?


I think splatter would be more random dots/small splotches, where as splash would be more random larger areas. Speckle would definitely be small dots.

Personally, I like solid colors, clean lines and symetrical presentations. Keep it simple.

Having said that, I’ve seen lots of NICE looking yoyos on this site for sale, but many I would not even consider purchasing due to how they are decorated.

(M²) #9

I love acid wash, though I wish companies would use fade a little more often. Speckle is reallly the only one I don’t like.


My exact thoughts right there :wink:


I see.


Oh, sorry. I forgot about that! Thanks for reminding me!


Ok. I’ll add that


I like solid colors but those other paint jobs hide imperfections well.


I would love a black yoyo with white speckles that would be the bomb!


Yeah, that would cool!

I hated splashes when I first got into yo yos, but I love em now!!!


raw…all this colorway stuff is getting to repetitive and taking away from the fact that I’m throwing around a hunk of metal….if I want something that looks like plastic…why not just buy plastic…


Speckle! Speckle! Speckle! I also like anything exciting, out the ordinary, different!


I like a Multicolor Acid washed, faded, multicolor splash, a little Specle wouldnt hurt either.


You just have to admit there’s just something special about throwing a nice splatterfoof yoyo in a matching speedo with just a touch of eye glitter…