Hello, I would like to tell you about the space lobster, the yoyo I am making.

The Space Lobster is a super wide, 7075 aluminum yoyo that I have designed and manufactured for sale on April 3rd, 2018.

It has been a passion project for a little less than a year. It is a product of my schools “recital project” where we have to do a project, anything we want. The only stipulations are that you have to write a paper on it. People do all sorts of stuff, like photography or robotics. Naturally, I chose yoyo design because I had wanted to do it for a while.

I wanted to build something unique. Something that was a rarity in the yoyo community. With extremes of diameter and weight, and slimlines I wanted to push an extreme myself. I chose width, because wide yoyos have kind of been a trend lately. I wanted to push what it meant to be “wide.” I have drawn inspiration from several yoyos, but the space lobster is unique in itself. It doesn’t quite resemble any other yoyo. If you closely examine the space lobster, you will find small elements of other yoyos tucked in, while still creating something unique.

All ten space lobsters have been machined out of high quality 7075 aluminum by the wonderful people at FPM in china. Each one has been hand tested and inspected by me before packaging to ensure quality.

All of the profits made from the sale of these space lobsters will be going to Lucile Packard children’s hospital at stanford. I want to give back to them for the time I have spent there. This won’t be a huge donation, because I wanted to price them reasonably and the manufacturing cost is high for such low quantities, but hopefully the profits from the sale of these yoyos will make a difference.

I hope you decide to purchase a space lobster. I have put a lot of work into designing them, and I am proud of the end product. This won’t be the highest performing yoyo, or your nicest yoyo, or maybe even not your most unique yoyo, but hopefully it is unique and fun enough for you to enjoy.

If you would like more information, please check out my instagram:



Here are pics of mine though!


Lol, no new releases for a bit. I was just in Europe and I couldn’t ship them out to people while I was there.


FYI the Edge Monster is scarily close in size and dimensions to the Space Lobster… I put them side by side and the resemblance is astounding (the middle is different angle wise, the Edge is a straight W whereas this is more of a pure H). You were ahead of your time @GrindDude!!!


Pics here

image image

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Wow! Those are crazy similar! Especially for how odd they look :joy:

That yoyo is sick looking

WOAH! YYF Copycats!

The space lobster came before the monster edge :+1:

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