Space cadet question...

So I was looking at my space cadet today and noticed something that seemed odd to me. After where it was made, it says a date, I’m assuming that’s when it was made? Mine says 10/05/2016… Which hasn’t happened yet… What does the date mean? If I don’t get a quick answer, I’ll probably ask yoyo factory :wink:

My guess is that they meant to put 10/5/2015

5/10/16 is the actual date. Because it was made out of the United States the day and month are flipped.

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Yeah, most international countries write the date as day/month/year instead of the US method of month/day/year.

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It could just be that it’s from the future ;D

10/05/2016 is the Factory recommended date for the first oil change.



Being a space cadet I’m sure it’s from the future. Have you got it to spin at 88 mph?


Shouldn’t that be covered in the warranty? ??? If not Idk how they expect to stay in business against Honda, Toyota, and the other companies.

Thanks guys! That makes sense now :wink:

Honestly I feel like we aren’t taking this suggestion seriously enough.

The factory that produced these yoyos most likely used the British/international date format - day/month/year. So 10th May 2016.

The American format is month/day/year.

Since it’s a “Space Cadet”, I think it has to do with the relativistic effects that travel at near the speed of light has on time. Although, I think things are backward? IDK, my head hurts.


Doesn’t it play great though? It’s FAST too, Space Cadet has some get up and go. Amazing player! :o by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr by Total Artist, on Flickr


Peace… - Woody

By far my favorite yoyo! Honestly hits everything I have wanted in a yoyo!

Rumor has it if you do an around the world you’ll be able to travel through time😂