My start date?

this is a very silly question but, its bothering me.

I found interest in the yoyo around May last year(2009). I had dropped the hobby over the school year’s summer break and then picked it up again after i had saw a friend i had inspired to pick up the yoyo. He was great, so I picked up my yoyo again and threw the tricks I knew.

I had seen how amazing the yoyo community was and look at the contest. Amazed I started seriously yoyoing. This started about January 2010.

Which should I consider my “official” yoyo starting date? Because I want to make a 1 year video but, and may is on its way (well a month away). silly but still worth asking.

I think that your official start date should be the date that you got into yoyoing seriously the second time you started yoyoing. Hope it helped! :wink:

i think so.
it happend to me too.
i do yoyo before, but never get too serious.
im pick yoyoing once when im in elementary, and again at high school.
last time i got serious about yoyoing is like 1 year and a half ago. so mu official date is a year and a half.

Thank you! It is as I thought. So I’ve been doing it since January. Sweeto thanks :slight_smile:

I concur - I was into yo’ing as a young kid and also as a teenager back in 98 but got out of it until a short while ago - so its like my recent rebirth really is the beginning cuz only now am I practicing often & in such a way that will hopefully lead to being able to demonstrate newschool tricks well.