Southern storms

Please,pray.We have 50 dead and still counting,it has been devistating.

That is really tragic.

Definitely praying. This has been a weird Spring. There are always tornadoes, but it’s like every day there are a bunch of destructive ones between the St. Louis airport being ripped up, 200+ tornadoes in NC, and now this just to mention a few of the recent outbreaks. :frowning:

Hope all of our friends in the south are doing ok after the storms there.

Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia, Virginia and Kentucky all hit hard yesterday and last night.

I’ve been having hail here in Texas for a while, but it pretty much just ended for me. I’m glad I didn’t get hurt (besides a few times being hit on the head by hail, but that was only annoying), but I still feel bad for all of the people who did.

make that just over 200 deaths

Yea, crazy stuff. I’m in Chattanooga, TN and it’s been wild. Guy I work with got half of his house torn off. Another guy I work with, his wife’s co- worker was killed also… People near my house have found items in places such as a Walmart parking lot that were blown over from Alabama (the closest point in Alabama to me is 45 minutes away…

Are you saying Tennessee sucks the crap out of Alabama…?

We don’t want Alabamas crap truthfully…

who does…?

post: Sorry, this is very sad and my heart goes out to all these folks….