Southeast Oklahoma?

Does anyone know of any yoyo meet-ups/clubs in the southeast Oklahoma region?

I think I was only one in the southern part of Oklahoma for a while, not sure of any now, I have since then moved to Norman, closer to Oklahoma city. There are still a few of us around, mostly in the city, we have a pretty small group but we haven’t had a meet up in a long time. I’m sure some would be willing but some need to plan including me so usually a month is given to see who can come.

Here is a group I made but some of them I think have moved out of state.

Would you be interested in starting one? I have been thinking about starting one in Altus. I have two friends who just started yoyoing and I’ve been at it for about six months. About where are you(City)?

I am actually in Sherman Texas but I am about 30 minutes from Durant Oklahoma (I went to SOSU for college).

I wouldn’t mind meeting up, I know a guy in Allen Texas which is a little more south that might also be interested too.