Any Okla-Yoers (Yoyo Players from Oklahoma)?

Who all here is from Oklahoma? I can say I am! I’m in Lawton, and I don’t see any yo-yo action around here except for me and me alone. It’s crazy I tell you! I want to see at least a small club or something where people can get together and yo-yo. Is there anyone besides me that plays here in Lawton? Or in a very nearby town?

I don’t know I might try to start up some kind of club unless anyone else has one.

I’m sure there’s someone.


WEll hello lthere! I’m an OKie!!! We have a get together once a month in OKC. There is also a guy in Ada that comes and from Altus. We also have people frequent from Texas and Kansas too. Look at the contest page and see the meet thread. I’ll send you information on when and where later tonight!


Victory Church is the location. 9:00 till whenever we get tired or my wife says i have to come home! lol
That’s usually around 6:30 or so. We all pitch in for cheap pizza and have a blast. If you haven’t played with too many yoyo’s then this will be the perfect place for you to do that.
Saturday the 30th.

South Building.

Lucky!! :stuck_out_tongue: i swear no one yo’s out here in the desert wastes of UTAH!!! cool beans bra!

The person from Kansas he mentioned is me :smiley: but I don’t think I’ll be able to come for a while unless I somehow get a job.

WEll then you had better work that out! lol

I just hope someone in my family can take me.

I too am from Oklahoma (iky’s son lol).

I heard the Meet got cancelled because of the weather. When is it coming up

When is that yoyo meet supposed to take place or did it pass on me after the ice storm?

i know this is an old feed but im a oklahoma yoyoer but i cant find anyone els that yoyos here!! it sucks!!

I live in Tulsa, but I don’t know any other yoers here. It makes it difficult to learn and improve when you are isolated.

Glenn Godsey

I live in Bartlesville but I go to Tulsa 3-5 days a week. I yoyo a lot and I have several friends in the local juggling club who also yoyo. I’m looking to start a Tulsa club. I’d love to get together, Glenn. I hear you’ve been doing it a while. I believe you joined our juggling club group. I’m Rico.