C’mon, someone has to be doing something in OK

im in oklahoma . but i cant find anyone els that yoyos here. yoyoing is not to big here. i wish it wass haha

i know right?

I’m a bit far from you guys but, I’m in Oklahoma as well. I’m just trying to get a bunch of people into it here in Tulsa. At least if I start my own club with newbies, I’ll always be the best one there!

There are a lot of great yoyoers in Oklahoma. sorry but I’m glad I moved from there. I can’t believe that you guy’s don’t have meets anymore. I know I was the force behind the meets but that doesn’t mean someone else can’t take my place…

Just started a Tulsa club. I’ve got 3 or 4 other guys here. We’re mostly beginners but, at least it’s something.