Oklahoma Yo-yo club possibly starting


Hey guys and gals, I’m thinking of starting up a yo-yo club for Southern Oklahoma and North Texas. I live in Lawton, Oklahoma and I’m wondering if there’s anyone that is even remotely interested in this? I’m wanting to introduce the fun of the yo-yo to not only my local community, but others as well.

So anyone remotely interested in this?


so… Nobody is even remotely interested in the least?


What’s a yoyo?

If you could get it in OKC how it was, I might, but not really sure yet.


Thing is I can’t travel… Don’t have a car of my own yet…


I would be intersted but I live in central Oklahoma city


Oh well… Just as I thought… Lawton is one of those dinky towns.


Hey a club would be good I’m seeing if we can get Oklahoma more active again. just need to get more people interested to arrange meets and contest.