Oklahoma throwers where are you?!

Going to post a new thread. Saw some posts from a google search but couldnt find it on the fourm. Iv read theres a few in Tulsa and OKC area. Im in Stillwater. Would be awesome to meet up somewhere and throw,check out yoyos and share tricks.

If you can get Sunday off this week I’m down to hang, I can hit a few guys up in town about meeting up somewhere or we can just chill at my place, got throws, beer, mariokart, plenty of shit to do after were blue in the face from throwing.

Or maybe Tuesday if that gives you more time

Yo what up mayne i’m in Norman and down to throw.

A lot of us are on Facebook here is the group https://m.facebook.com/groups/114849281998355

I’m in OKC. I just started playing again. I went and joined the Facebook group, too. HOWDY!