Sorta stripped, sorta vibey

After not throwing my shutter forever, I unscrewed it and a little bit of the thread came out of the sides.
I can still screw it back together, but I somewhat feel its slightly vibier before.

On a finger nail test, its still dead smooth.
Am I just being paranoid about the vibe(bad throw) or could the axle seat affect the smoothness

Also, is there a fix to this?

‘’I unscrewed it and a little bit of which thread came out of whats sides.‘’

Threads from the yoyo itself, and the side of the shutter that says shutter.
Not exactly sure which threads came out.

Is it actual metal bits or is it maybe just gunk that hardened in the threads and dislodged when you unscrewed it?

Given the situation, you’re probably being a bit paranoid.

Try some loc-tite on it. A small bit of thread is probably no big deal.

It was like a small, skinny silver snake.

He probably did manage to knock a thread out of the yoyo, I’ve done it before. Should be fine, you’re probably being paranoid about the vibe. Just be careful not to do it again, as you’re more likely to strip the whole half now.

When I did this, the suspect thread actually worked its way up the axle. Had to actually unscrew it off. Can’t for the life of me remember what yoyo it was, but I don’t recall having a problem afterwards.

It dosent screw in all the way, but it is smooth on finger nail test…