Vibe problem

Hi! So I just unscrewed my horizon and when I tried screwing it back together, it was much harder to screw in. After screwing really hard (probably not a good idea) it now has a somewhat strong vibe. Any ideas on how to fix this?

Sounds like you stripped the threads, if that’s the case your yoyo is not repairable EDIT: null

If you’re lucky, it’s only cross-threaded. NOt likely. If it’s cross-threaded, though, you can sometimes still access the original proper threads, you just have to be EVEN MORE careful than you should have been before.

Thiss why everyone hates tight bearing seats combined with short axles

Why is it not repairable?

Can’t wait to hear an explanation on misinformation.

sounds to me like you stripped the threads. for future reference, you should place each yoyo half on a palm, and screw them together. If you can’t screw it all the way in with your palms, you’re doing it wrong. At least thats what my dad says

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Well it’s probably the yoyo that would be stripped so he couldn’t just swap out the axle I don’t think it’s possible to re tap a yoyo because the limited space and any repair would probably be beyond the o. p.'s skill set or confidence level. If you think you could manage a repair pm’ing him/her would be the most helpful course of action.

If it’s ok enough to still take apart and put together it’s probably best to live with the vibe, just my opinion.

Retapping isn’t rocket surgery, but you can always send it to someone who can retap. Or find someone local who can do it.

I think the curiousity wasn’t so much “does it make sense to get it retapped” (debatable) but rather the definitive statement that it can’t be fixed. It very much CAN be fixed, it’s just a matter of whether it’s convenient and worthwhile to do it.


Exact same thing happened to my horizon. It seems unfixable, but idk…

Ok, please, I don’t mean this in a mean way, but seriously, if you don’t know what you are talking about, just don’t say anything. No one damage done. The Horizon can very much be retapped, and that’s the end of the story.

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Surely you see the mind numbing repetitive threads that get thrown up here. Why would anyone ever need to know what they are talking about to post here? There’s never any repercussions for stupidity here so why worry!!

No repercussions because someone is always there to fix the mistake.

Well the I assume the original poster can’t fix it themselves and it’s a horizon so paying somebody to fix it wouldn’t be economical. I could see if it was in the $70+ range it would be worth it but in this case its probably more economical to buy a new one.

$15 to repair a $40 yoyo is pretty economical to me. Unrepairable is different from the original poster fixing it himself.

Yeah…that’s right…boooy!

I hate to bump this, but I just wanted to share that I fixed the problem by doing the opposite action that I thought would help. I tightened the yoyo just a tad more and viola! Thanks for all of the responses!

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